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I have worked with many individuals all with different goals and challenges. Here are just a few people that have been able to make some progress with the training we do at Coliseum Fitness.


Justin‘s diverse and always creative workouts keep you on your toes (sometimes literally) and push you to your limits every time.  He’s incredibly adaptive and can switch-up any part of an exercise on the fly to accommodate physical limitations or a misbehaving body part.  He makes sure you understand exactly how an exercise should be performed and feel when performed correctly to prevent injury and maximize effectiveness.  Training your mind to get your body to do the work and not give up is important to the way Justin trains.  He helps increase your mental strength as well as your physical strength.


The personalized diet plans Justin creates take into account not only your food preferences but your cooking ability as well.  As with exercises, he is quick with substitutions should you ever get tired of any of the items.  The included food is “normal”, easily found, and nothing you probably wouldn’t eat anyway.


Over the course of the four years I have trained under Justin, I have attained three separate body goals: bulking weight, leaning weight, and a comfortable, maintainable weight – still a good 40 pounds of muscle more than when I started.  This was possible due to his workout regimen and adhering to the diet plan he customized for me.


In short, Justin can get you the results you want.




Justin has trained me for over 8 years and I could not give a more enthusiastic recommendation.


Attitude: Professional yet personable and laid back. From the beginning, he was personally invested in my progress and dedicated to helping me move forward and grow.   This is not a job to him, it is his career and his approach is of the highest quality.


Expertise: Justin's educational background and experience is very evident in the training sessions he personally designs for me. In additional to core strength, cardio, and weight training, he gives me guidance with my diet and he looks at his sessions with me, not as a just a work out, but a whole body healthy lifestyle approach.


Progression: Justin pushes me beyond my comfort zone so I can become stronger and achieve my goals. He challenges me in a healthy way and it has resulted in becoming stronger and having more endurance. Justin takes into account my short and long term goals and we work towards that in every session. Justin also continually mixes things up with new exercises, and he makes sure that we are challenging my muscle groups constantly.


On a few occasions, I have had health issues, and Justin adjusted the training sessions accordingly, so that I can still get the most possible out of it.


One thing Justin says is that you either move forward or backward, but you don't stay the same. I have learned that this is absolutely true, and Justin has been key in helping me move forward and progress.  






I came to Justin after working with several trainers.  I am only 5 feet 1 inch & at the time I was very underweight and could not put on even a few pounds.


As soon as I started working with Justin, he made adjustments to the diet I had with previous trainers and I started to work with him three times a week.  He was able to calm me through my anxieties:


            “I don’t want to bulk up too much and look too masculine, I don’t to put fat on   

            my body and then work on trimming!”


Somehow, Justin was able to provide me with the right adjustments to my diet and workouts.  I went from 96 pounds to 107 and doing leg presses lifting over 300 pounds! I looked very athletic and fit never bulky at ALL!


I now live in Los Angeles and have been able to maintain my weight after working with Justin.  I still continue to practice what he taught me in maintaining proper alignment in my workouts to maximize the results of my sessions.  I am living proof you cannot go wrong if you work with Justin! He truly pushes you and delivers results!





It has been exactly two months since I started training with Justin Walker.  The first few times I went to Coliseum Fitness I thought to myself “I need to get in to shape before I come here to get in shape!”  However, Justin worked with me and modified the workouts so I was able to somewhat do them.  Now two months later with his help and guidance I have lost 25lbs and gained muscle and strength!  I’ve never really worked out with weights before so I truly was a workout rookie.  And now I’ve worked up from 8lb dumbbell weights to 10 to 12 to 15 and now I’m lifting a 45lb bar in that short amount of a time!  He changes the workouts so they are different each time and works different body groups so your entire body gets a work out.  I’ve found muscles I never knew I had before!  I can honestly say I have never been so motivated to get healthy and stay healthy as I am now and it is thanks to Justin and his workouts and encouragement every step of the way!  We set goals for me and my body type and I have 25lbs to go and I know I will get there with him by my side!  He is so professional and yet so personable, he high fives you for a job well done and makes you want to push yourself and engage in whatever he is teaching you.  And by continuing to follow his training practices, I am on my way to reaching goals I NEVER thought possible!



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